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Dr. Atul R Jaware

Hibare Consultancy


Excis GTS 

Excis GTS (Global Tracking System)  

Architectural Designing & Development of Uber like Android/ iOS application for assigning of work to employees to report to client location & live tracking of task completion status & location and integrating with the ticketing tool. 

Technologies : Angular, Node, JavaScript, React Native, Android, Swift, MS SQL.


HRMS App with Geofencing

Web/Android/iOS Application integration with Google Maps API for employees to clock in and clock out daily based on office location plus all the HR related process from on-boarding to off boarding automation via portal.

Technologies : Angular, Node, JavaScript, React Native, Android, Swift, MS SQL.

Sales Automated Quotation & Invoicing 

The Web based application which is able to generate automated quotations based on client's RFP, defined as per company's sales strategy and automated invoicing for PO for further finance processing.

Technologies : Angular JS, Node, JavaScript, MS SQL.

Infosec Auditing Application 

It audits the system for various parameters defines in the master sheet as per the specification provided by the ISO rules and generates an automated report of the system compliance based on Non compliance to the clauses mentioned in the ISO standards for Information Security (ISO 27001).

Technology : Python, Batch Programming, Powershell, Java.

Kiosk based College Automation System 

I have developed this application for my college institution which helps the college students to check all college related stuffs like syllabus, lectures, results and do essentials registration form submissions using Kiosk as well as Android app. 

Technologies : PHP, HTML5 /CSS3, Android, JavaScript, MySQL.